Alligator Warrior Halpatter Tustenuggee

Alligator Warrior: Halpatter Tustenuggee

Historical Young Adult Fiction

Historical fiction account written for children about a Seminole Indian known as Alligator Warrior (Halpatter Tustenuggee). Follow him from the time he is a child living peacefully along the banks of Big Lake in Alligator Town (Halpata Tolophka) later known as Lake City throughout his lifetime. Trace his steps through the First and Second Seminole Wars, through his capture and being forced to move to the Indian Territory – only having to share the land with another tribe, and then secretly escaping from the territory to Mexico where it is believed he passed away.

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This story is now available in paperback, hardback, Kindle eBook, ePub and audio book versions.

If you should have any questions about the fictional story or even the Real Halpatter Tustenuggee a.k.a. Alligator Warrior of the Seminole people please use my CONTACT form.