Young Adult Fiction

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Brice Hamilton has been subjected to her mother’s new way of life ever since her parents’ divorce two years earlier – a move to a lower tax bracket in Chicago, an undesirable school, and her mother’s newest boyfriend – Phil. Jennifer rebels. Her mother’s answer to the “handful-slash-Jennifer” is to pack her up and send her to her grandma’s, whom Jennifer has not seen in almost three years. Her mother’s lusty plan is for Jennifer to reside there till Christmas.

Jennifer captures her life in Flamingo Junction, Florida with her grandmother in an ongoing diary of sorts – a sketchbook that she has titled JENNIFEROLOGY – THE STUDY OF JENNIFER.

Jennifer’s grandmother, Mama Rudeen, lives in a retirement community called Camelot in north Florida. Mama Rudeen is not what Jennifer expected, nor are her grandmother’s friends – the gals: Miss Maggie Pearl, Miss Addie, and Miss Gaynell…and the guy – Sir Stuckie. Jennifer envisioned octogenarians sitting around waiting to take their last breath. She discovers that retirees have a zest for life. And, more importantly, they defined to Jennifer what unconditional love truly means.

Maybe it takes a retirement village to raise a child.

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