Momma Alligator Goes to School

Momma Alligator Goes to School

Written and Illustrated by L.L. Eadie.

This was one of my very first children’s books and illustrations that I created while attending a Children’s Literature course at the University of Florida. (GO GATORS!). I have been going through all my old writing and gathering what I can that is ready to be published. This is a very short story and aimed at younger children who like quick and easy reads as well as cute drawings.

Age range for children – 1 to 8

On the Dedication Page:

The book is dedicated to my children and husband for their patience and cooperation while I was seeking to finish my degree at UF.

And to my English Professor at UF, John Cech, who loved the story so much he read it to the entire auditorium of students.

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Since this is a children’s book and less than 30 pages I probably will not have it converted to audio book format. If you like it, please leave a review, share it with your friends and get in touch using my CONTACT form to talk about UF, Teaching and even creating children books with illustrations.