Happy Monday Welcome Back
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Happy Monday Welcome Back

Hello, everyone. Happy Monday and Welcome Back to your regular workweek schedule. More and more people are getting back to their new normal routines and I hope everyone is safe but had a great time. Celebrating our Independence is a great holiday for family and friends and to remember just exactly how we became a nation.

My publishing staff has been working hard getting a new book ready for publication this month. It is an old story that I have never published but decided it’s time has come. Working on the book cover, book trailer, and other self-publishing chores the last two weeks has been, not exciting, but necessary. I really hope you will like this story and please comment, like, share and write a review once you have.

Book Cover

We will be offering this book in Kindle for pre-publication sales this week so that we can take advantage of some marketing tips and trends we thought we would try. Below are the front and back covers for the book. Just click on the photo and it will show a bigger version.

Book Trailer

And now for the big event this week we present the BOOK TRAILER/PROMO VIDEO

STAY TUNED – We will be updating this post and my Facebook page and Twitter Feed once I have a link to the pre-released Kindle version of the book. You can always send me a message if you have any questions about my stories using our CONTACT US form. ALL SPAM messages are automatically deleted.

In the meantime please look on my Amazon Author Page. It seems that all of my books are FREE this month for Kindle Prime Users:

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