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My team of busy bees have been working hard to make my books more accessible. We are focusing on converting all my books into audio format. Last month we worked on converting all the books into ePub (for those who do not use Kindle) and into book retailers around the globe. It is an exciting time to be an indie author!

Not only do we have the tools to control how our books are published now we can choose where they are being distributed. Soon, we hope to have available the tools to convert our stories as accurately as possible into whatever language you wish to read them in. Wouldn’t that be something?!?! For now we have paperback, hardback, digital text and even audio.

Below is my new Universal Link to the first of the books ready to go in Paperback, Hardback, ePub, Kindle and now in Audio!

Pedro Menendez: The Adelantado of Florida – a fun, historical fiction story told by a cabin boy on one of Pedro’s ships as he sails to the new land to take control of Florida from the French. The story is fictional but I made use of all the factual research. Great edition to any home-schooling projects you have on the 1500s.

Pedro Menendez The Adelantado of Florida

I am taking advantage of the free audio book narration services being provide by Google Play Books. If you want help with this process. Check out my favorite author services provider, Jolene MacFadden, at her website: and she will help you get your books into audio, paperback, hardback and ePub format. Say that, “LL Eadie sent you” she will discount your first services order by 25%. (Who doesn’t love a discount?)

To Purchase copies of this great book at many fine retailers around the World


If you get a chance to visit St. Augustine check out the statues, artifacts and informational display at the Lightner Museum for this most interesting historical figure.

Please, Subscribe to my website, Like, Share and Comment on my Posts! If you have any questions about this book, writing or any of the other stories I have published so far, please use my CONTACT form and let me know. I hope you will take a few minutes and share my Pedro Menendez: The Adelantado of Florida Book Page with your friends, family and fellow book readers.

Stay Tuned! I will be posting my progress on converting all of my books into audio format and give you an update on the Google service in the coming weeks.

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