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New and Old Stories

We all have new stories we like to try and old stories that we read and read again. As writers, this is always something we hope to strive for when we put pen to paper, or should I say type words to the computer screen. With my newest adult fiction book, there are times when I think I have something here and others when I think, dang, this might not work. But you keep plugging away until you reach the end because then the real writing fun begins. EDITING!

Sadly, again this week our writer’s group cannot meet on Zoom. It seems with the various atmospheric disturbances out there we are still having trouble with our internet connections from Lousiana (where one member lives) all along with the coastal towns as well in North Florida. It could be just that with everybody out-of-work, working-from-home, and schooling from home the internet is bogged down. We need people to get out of their homes and go back to their jobs and not sitting on their couch surfing the net.

For those of us who must/are able to work from home, I hope you are getting outside every now and again. Keeping yourself closed up in a house, no matter how nice, is not good for humans or pets either. Get out there and enjoy our Florida spring weather we are experiencing and the decidedly fresher air. BUT, please be cautious, wear your facemasks around others, and keep your social distances.

Should you feel the need for some fresh reading material you can always visit my Amazon Profile Author Page. You just never know what I have published so far. If you would like to ask me questions about my stories or writing, in general, please feel free to use my Contact Form.

Till next time, stay safe, and read lots of good stories.


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