Digital Book Festivals Our Future
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Digital Book Festivals Our Future

Digital book festivals will become the norm for a little while longer in our future. It seems the most expedient way to help local artists to share their work with those the most interested. Most of the writer’s associations in the various genres out there have been already decided to go virtual. More writers might want to jump on this bandwagon as well. You can and should create short videos of yourself, your books, and their stories to release on your website and/or YouTube Channel. Making your own videos is fairly easy these days and there are lots of instructional videos online to help you make good ones.

The Writer’s Alliance of Gainesville has their book festival scheduled for the end of the month. It will have movies of each of the participating writers throughout the day and online for about six months afterward. I had my 15-minute video produced by my social media coordinator and hope you will drop on by and view it on the day. Also, they will have links to each of my published books for you to click on and buy copies for yourself and your family.

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