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Character Sheets

Authors use Character Sheets to help them flesh out the characters in the story and to keep them consistent along with the storyline and if you are very lucky, throughout a series. Creating one takes a lot of time and thought. There are several versions all across the internet and no single one is all-inclusive nor even required for most stories. It is a tool that you can use to help you write a better story. You don’t even have to create one for every single character in your book.

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This is a nice in-depth article that you might find quite informative.

There has been one on my computer for a number of years but I cannot remember exactly where I got it from. It is quite extensive. For my fellow writers, I went ahead and converted it over to a PDF document so that you can download it and print it off for yourself. I do recommend that you read through what is there and at least try it one time. You will be surprised how much you can include in your story if you think about all the questions being asked. Heck! you might even come up with some not on there that are important to your story world.


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