Emotions Stir Writing Abilities
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Emotions Stir Writing Abilities

Have you ever noticed that when our emotions are up we seem to get into a writing/creating mood? I don’t know about you but our daily experiences may not inspire great stories but the highs and lows in life certainly will. Those times more than any help us as writers to push through the dull day-to-day stuff and reach for something better and more entertaining to share.

For everyday observations I like to create poetry of various kinds, styles, etc. A year ago this month I posted on one of my social media pages of such as day below.

Our Walk:

Together we go
Me with my hand weights in one hand
and Millie on a ten foot stretch leash in the other.
Past the hairpin turn in the road
that causes me to caution…
as I check over my shoulder for approaching cars.
And check the swamp,
on either side of the road –
that harbors the likes of gators and moccasins.
We work our way to safety and fresh mowed yards
with immaculate trimmed bushes.
Here I breathe easier,
as Millie searches for any quick movements –
from squirrels to deer.
Yes, deer.
They, too, enjoy our path as well.
Sometimes standing as they say –
like a deer caught in headlights,
watching us pass by.
Millie is intrigued and pulls with eagerness
to join their gallivant into the woods –
behind the houses.
But I deny her by clicking the halt button on the leash,
to her dismay.
Together we continue past the homes we know –
the people I know,
The dogs Millie knows.
We walk on toward our destination –

Enjoy your day and write something interesting.

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