School Started Beware of Buses
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School Started Beware of Buses

If you haven’t noticed school has started back and there is a slight increase in traffic from school buses and children walking to school. Well, that is those that are physically attending school anyway. It is not as much as last year but they are out there and we hope you have been paying attention and being safe.

Most of my books are about school-aged children. The “Kiss and Don’t Tell” has parental sayings throughout the book that the main character quotes at various points in the story. If you have school children you might find yourself quoting your own parents. Some of us even make up sayings just to get our point across. Grandchildren are the most fun to use these sayings on.

Sharing these wise, and often out-of-date, ‘sayings’ is a privilege that we grandparents relish. Not only quoting our own parents but the ones we made can be quite entertaining these days. Try a couple on yours today just to see how they will react.

Parental Quotes From the Book

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