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Happy Halloween – YFTU

Happy Halloween, or at least it soon will be. Whether or not you are celebrating you can always read stories while eating candy. Yearning for the Unattainable is a great book to read this week. This story is not only about first loves but has a ghost in it as well. What could be more suspenseful and fun at this time of year to venture into a small Georgia town into a broken-down mansion and try to solve the riddle of not one but two ghosts? It seems that being a teenager is just as hard now as it was 20 years ago. Only this time we hope that Gentry doesn’t become a ghost too.

“Look Gentry! This would look fabulous on you. Green is a redhead’s best color, especially when your eyes match it.” She holds up a mint green blouse embroidered in daises.

Sadly, this story will be the very last one to be converted over to audio or be made available on Barnes and Noble, iBooks or Smashwords. So please grab a copy from Amazon today.


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