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Fall Use to Mean Book Festivals

For my fellow book lovers Fall is such a great season, the kids are going back to school, new seasons of our favorite TV shows are being aired and lots and lots of books festivals were scheduled all over the U.S. This was a great time to market your books, meet some of your readers, and hopefully start making great sales for the Christmas holidays. However, things have changed and we must roll with the punches and adopt new strategies. One of those is signing up for digital or virtual book events.

Recently there may have been some mentions of the upcoming Sunshine State Book Festival that the Writers Alliance of Gainesville sponsors every year in January. Due to current craziness rather than have everyone come on down one of the local college campuses and thus exposing ourselves and our readers to possible, whatever, they have decided to conduct the entire day online through their website and YouTube Channel.

I have sent in my application and gotten my 10 to 15-minute video produced by my one and only social media coordinator and we are now waiting for confirmation. Any local author can participate but they are limiting the number of authors to 75. They are not charging an application fee this year either. Which I thought was really nice considering all the technical details that will need to be handled at this event. I will post more on this later.

Sunshine State Book Festival will be an online digital event. The festival will open on January 30, 2021, and remain accessible to visitors through June 30, 2021.

To increase exposure for all my stories we have been slowly adding them to the Smashwords Catalog. It has been slow going as their requirements for book uploads are entirely different from KDP paperback and eBook. Since they convert the stories automatically in several different formats for their customers and offer them to other major book vendors such as Barnes and Noble, iBooks, a couple of subscription services, and the ever-popular National Library Catalog and Overdrive. Our readers from all across the country can ask their local libraries to purchase my books in eBook format!

Here is my profile page with the listing of the books currently being offered on Smashwords.
With patience and perseverance, we will have all of them available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is the latest video of me reading the first chapter in one of my books. Enjoy, Like, Share, Comment, etc.

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