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You can now purchase a copy of one of my books, Jenniferology, in audio format. It has been distributed to over 40 different vendors including Amazon. However, we hope you will buy directly from my online audio shop on Findaway Voices. Of course, there is a sample available so that you can hear the great voice actress I choose for this book. Thank you so much, Alexa Elmy.


Listen to the Sample:

Directly from the author on Findaway Voices

We will update this post once the retailer’s links have been added to our Marketing page. The whole process this time has taken approximately 2 and 1/2 months from beginning to almost the very end. Once we get the retailer’s links this project will be officially completed. But is now available and we hope you and your family and friends will purchase a copy, listen to it then posts some reviews on Goodreads or wherever else you might like to share reviews.

Kirkus Review of Jenniferology

An unruly teenager finds herself a home in her grandmother’s Florida retirement community in this YA novel.

“Hello, sandy-bug-and-snake-infested Sunshine State. What a freakin’ nightmare,” 15-year-old Jennifer Brice Hamilton says after arriving at her grandmother’s double-wide in a retirement community called Camelot in Flamingo Junction. Jennifer is forced to stay there for the time being as her mother, Heather Jo, leaves with her new boyfriend to have some quality time apart. (“In my mother’s words, I was a handful,” the teen explains.) Jennifer’s amiable, larger-than-life grandmother, Mama Rudeen, lays on a thick country welcome, introducing her to the older gals she runs around with; her kind neighbor Sir Stuckie; and local alligator Guinevere. At first, Jennifer engages in defiant acts: She dyes her grandmother’s little dog, Coconut, bright pink and turns the community’s welcome sign into a dirty pun. But Mama Rudeen’s delightful friends start to melt Jennifer’s bitter attitude, especially as they introduce her to a handsome local boy, Guthrie Murdock. When the teen starts school and strikes up a quick friendship with the perky Paisleigh Scott—a girl with her own family problems and whose kind nature is taken advantage of by popular cheerleaders and the boy she likes—Jennifer slowly starts to see herself staying in Camelot, even if she cannot stop complaining about it. Written as if it were Jennifer’s personal journal, the novel gives itself plenty of room to let the spirited teen express her frustration and angst. (Jennifer’s inner monologue delivers some pithy one-liners, such as referring to new classmates as “future standing-in-the-paycheck-cash-advance-line of losers”). The tale slowly reveals Jennifer’s better qualities, like the way she stands up for a friend or feels self-conscious around the dreamy Guthrie. Eadie’s plot takes some fairly predictable turns, but Jennifer’s sharp tongue and the endearingly sweet Mama Rudeen will keep YA readers entertained even as they see the inevitable heartwarming conclusion coming a mile away.

A standard teen rebellion tale but with charming characters and laugh-out-loud dialogue.

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