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Lovely Weather Lately

Are You Having Lovely Weather Lately?

After all of the crazy Florida weather, a dry spell, a couple of hurricanes and now we have a cool trend happening, Hey! it’s November. And, officially, we still have 2 weeks to go before the end of hurricane season. Not too much damage for use but a lot of picking up and resetting happening. For all my fellow Floridians out there keep you chin up, we will get through this.

I hope everyone who was going to vote did vote and those who did, well – that is a crying shame.

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time out to purchase one or more of my books during the Homeschooling special. That was greatly appreciated. And for my readers patience as I work through some personal issues. I am not all the way back to writing yet so I have asked my Social Media Coordinator to help me out for a little while longer.

Yes, the website has been down a couple of times over the last month. Serious things happening in the website word it seems. Again, I and she can only ask your tolerance for the many different times it had been down and up and back down again.

For a Good Laugh

If you are looking for a good-hearted laugh-out-laoud story set in Florida you have got to give Jenniferology a Try.

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