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Hello everyone! I hope all my reader friends, family, and fans are keeping cool these days. We have a new book launch this month. The holidays are coming so I probably won’t be posting as much next week but will be up and ready to go after the 4th. There is nothing like the Independence Holiday to really get you psyched up and ready for the summer. We are all having to re-evaluate our normal routines and make, sometimes, impossible choices to please everyone and stay safe. Please, practice that safe social distancing and wearing your facemasks in public.

If you haven’t noticed yet I have published another one of my older stories. I didn’t have any illustrations for this children’s book but a lovely young, new, illustrator volunteered to help me out. If you need a very talented artist who has a fast-turnaround and the patience of ‘Job’, then you should check out Miss Christine Klinger. She does not have a website yet and is working on an Amazon Profile page but she does have an Illustrator Facebook Public Page:

Christine produced all the illustrations inside the book as well as the Front and back cover pages. While my ever so patient book production and social media coordinator, Jolene MacFadden of Jolene’s Web Design and Book Marketing for Writers, put the book together and uploaded it to Amazon. We are in the process of creating book trailers and other promotional materials for this and my last published children’s book. Those posts will be released while I and my family are on vacation enjoying the beach. While practicing safe, social distancing, of course.

That’s Impossible, Cluckiepunkle

is a feel-good book for preschool up to 1st or 2nd-grade children. The lesson we want every child to learn is that no matter your current circumstances you can change it, become who you want or do what you really want if you keep trying. The story is a bit longer than the Momma Alligator Goes To School book but even the younger ones will enjoy the bright and colorful illustrations.

Upcoming News

I also have another high school age book coming towards the end of July. We will be posting quite a bit about it over the next three weeks. Please subscribe the news feed to keep up-to-date.

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