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Sheltering In Place – Need Adventure Stories

Over the last 9 months, quite a lot of the world has been “sheltering in place” and are in desperate need of adventure stories. I liked to write historical fiction stories and have researched and published several stories so far. Another place that I love to visit is St. Augustine, Florida. Naturally, I had to write a story about its very first governor. Pedro Menendez went to the new world to take over the running the new territory that Spain had claimed. Menendez was a sailor, adventurer, and a father on a mission to try and find his son, his lost ship, and the crew. The book that I published Pedro Menendez: The Adelantado of Florida is a historical fiction adventure story as told through the eyes of Menendez’ cabin boy and includes research sources, timelines, and other great educational information. It is a great source of fun reading not only for the middle-schoolers but adults as well.

Now that the restrictions are easing up a bit here in Florida I believe it is time for another trip to visit some historical sites around one of my favorite cities.

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