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Middle School Fictional History

Inside each book there contain possibilities of adventure, knowledge, fun, and suspense. Even middle school-aged books can become a favorite that stays with us all through our lifetimes. Writing those kinds of stories is a privilege and an adventure to us writers too. I have written several middle school age historical fiction stories but have only published two so far. One is set right here in my adopted hometown of Lake City, Florida. This story took a number of years of research in old libraries, historical societies, and even Seminole records as well. That is why I included references to where I found most of the facts, time-line of events, and samples of the Seminole language with this story.

“Don’t Worry. How many stars do you see in the sky?”
“I don’t know. Too many to count,” answered Alligator as he lifted his face to the now starlit sky.
“Yes and that is how many deer, black bear, fish, and other game there are on our Seminole lands. You will have many chances,” said his uncle smiling

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