Write Some Poems Today
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Write Some Poems Today

Write some poems today. I really enjoy writing different kinds of poetry and I even wrote the song lyrics inside my book My Mistaken Identity. There are so many ways to express yourself that you really do not have to resort to violence. As a stress reliever forcing yourself to concentrate on your rhyming schemes and styles while putting your thoughts and feelings on paper is a wonderful creative outlet. Of which, most of us are in desperate need of these days. It doesn’t cost any money. It is not all that hard to do and there are lots of FREE resources for you to use as a guide on the internet. Check out the Instructables.com people. They write about everything.

Here is one I wrote several years ago. Enjoy and get writing!

Just Wait!

“Just wait till your father gets home!”
Our mother’s threat was our reality.
It was Friday.
The dreaded sixth day
of the week.
The day the man of the house
would return.
The king of his castle.
The stranger to his children.
The one who spanked us all soundly,
and sent us to bed.
Where we gladly took up residence,
and pretended to sleep.
His pointed black shoes
would uproot you,
if you mistakenly stalled.
Later, they trudged and slapped the oak floors,
outside your door.
Where you prayed,
they would pass.
And his hands
as large as your bottoms,
turned off light switches,
slammed doors,
and, held a tumbler of whiskey.
With each drawn-out sip,
The tiny cubes clinked.
And, our bodies rattled.
intruding voices slipped
under the crack,
beneath the door.
laughter followed.
My mother’s – strained and pretended.
His – causing our muscles to tighten,
our hairs to pay close attention,
and, our mouths to forget to breathe.
Doll size bodies
under warm sheets
turning cold.
In the dark, though, there was hope.
Just two more days till your father leaves home!

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