How to Structure a Poem
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How to Structure a Poem

How to structure a poem is fairly important these days and can be quite difficult in electronic media. Some writers are resorting to arranging their creations on a page and then taking a picture of it to post on social media. You are guaranteed that your work will look like you want it to. Even publishing them in eBook format can be quite a challenge as that relies on HTML or internet coding tools. Again, you can create your masterpieces and turn them into picture files then upload them to your eBook software for publication.

There are so many different ways to present your prose to help it stand out, to get your point across, or just to be plain different from everybody else. People will remember the look of your poem sometimes a lot longer than the actual words. (Oh, No, Not that!?!?!) I know sacrilege but sadly, true. You will need to brush up on your favorite Word processing software to get it to look like you want or you can draw it on a piece of paper. What a novel idea…using pen and paper to write again. You might even have to enlist the help of professional graphic artists.

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Flipped Lesson – Form and Layout of a Poem

In the Middle of My Life, I Found Myself

The diamond
“just a chip”
was my jeweler’s appraisal.

The platinum band
too snug
for my pulsating,
aching finger.

The left one
with the vessel
that shoots to the heart.

Only soapy water
would release
its binding grip.

Age –
the maturity that grows knowledge.

And provokes
the wandering mind
to rewind,
confess truths,
and walk forward.

the uncomfortable,
ring’s presence.

In the middle
of my life,
I found myself.

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