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Well, I have finally finished my latest young adult novel, Jenniferology. It was one of the featured winners of the Royal Palm Awards several years ago before I was self-publishing and shopping around for a good publishing house. Now that I am independently publishing I can finally release these great stories and move onto other writing. That and the help of a dedicated publishing team of my own that is.

We have released Jenniferology in the paperback format first on Amazon this weekend. The eBook version will be released on September 15, 2020, but you can purchase it ahead of time if you like. And in an effort to keep trying new things and help my readers out we have decided to make some videos of me reading the first chapter in each book. It was fun to do and my videographer will be sprucing them up then publishing them once a week. We started from the newest to the oldest for now and if the fans like it we will be happy to continue the practice with each successive published story.

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