Summertime Drinks and Favorite Foods
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Summertime Drinks and Favorite Foods

It is summertime and we all have our favorite drinks and foods that we like to include in our daily meals. There is nothing like having your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise) and snack foods lounging by some body of water and reading a really great book. When I’m not writing, I am probably reading a book of one kind or another.

Summertime Drinks and Favorite Foods

Keeping cool and getting your quota of hydration every day during the summer months is so important. Thankfully, some of my most favorite foods are fresh and available every summer here in Florida. I’m talking about refreshing homemade lemonade, grilled veggies on the barbecue, and maybe a hotdog or two. Of course, summer would not be summer without some delicious and juicy watermelon. At night, a cold and frosty margarita will work most days. You still have to drink your quota of regular water every day, of course, but any kind of citrus is nice all year long.

Summertime Drinks and Favorite Foods

I hope you and yours keep cool, drink lots of water to keep hydrated, and read lots of great stories this summer. School starts soon, if it hasn’t already for you and yours, so take advantage of this short downtime before you have to get back to the grind. Stay safe out there!



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