Bright and Sunny Just a Bit Cool
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Bright and Sunny Just a Bit Cool

Bright and Sunny Just a Bit Cool

Today is one of those days you just can’t seem to get a lot done. The weather is so perfect with bright sunshine, the air is clear and there is just a hint of a nip in the air. Some of the Florida beaches are open but only for a short time each day. Not only have the kids missed out on their proms but a lot of our spring has been taken away from most people around the world. Being a writer I am normally staying at home writing anyway. It just so happens that my family has a place at the beach that we have been able to stay at during some of the quarantine. But like everyone else we haven’t been able to ‘hit the waves’ as we usually can this time of year.

I am getting off point once again. This type of view can be a great source of inspiration for writers but mostly lately it is just a distraction. I am working on two of my novels, one that was written several years ago but never published and a brand new one that I think my older readers are going to enjoy once I get it done. My writer’s group is having a good time listening to my chapters so far and that gives me hope that it will really be a great story for my readers too. Stay tuned for more updates on that front.

In the meantime please check out the books I have already published on Amazon. Some of the Kindle versions are being offered for FREE for Amazon Prime Members and have been added to the Prime Library. The paperback copies are taking a little longer being mailed as with all businesses here lately so please be patient with that too.


Not Again / Young Adult

“I’ve been thinking…”

Uh oh, please aim that brainstorm away from me, Mom.

“Charles…” said my mother as she slurped her decaf with a hint of fat-free milk and one Splenda between her carb-induced pondering process. She smothered her fat-free twelve-point breakfast – a Weight Watcher bagel in high octane cream cheese.

Dad groaned his oh-shit grunt but remained camouflaged in newsprint.

“Have you noticed, Charles darling, how tall our boxwoods have grown?”

Another moan. This decoded one read – “Don’t start with me, Katherine; I haven’t even made it to the sports section.

Mom continued on her Saturday AM roll. “I like the way the Callahans, across the way, trimmed…”

A pit-in-the-stomach grumble emerged from my father. I was a pro at interpreting dad’s grunts. But, so was mom.

“Now Charles, it won’t take you any time…”

The backdoor knob jiggled. It was still loose. That was on mom’s honey-do list last week. Dad blamed its undoing on ballgame over-timenesia. The door opened.

I looked up from my Frosted Flakes topped off with an end-of-the-week sliced bruised banana and froze in lockjaw formation. The return of my father’s left eye twitch, the cause of my mother’s size 14 jeans, and the nemesis of my road-to-adolescence being paved in deep shit potholes had returned. There she stood, our very own urban legend – my emancipated sister Gordynne. And, she wasn’t alone. She had brought along a piece of her very own scary DNA – a baby!

Mom spat an unidentified flying chunk onto today’s headlines. Dad peered around the newsprint just in time for the cream cheese to ricochet off the paper and onto his now twitching lid accented with the gray barb-wired eyebrow. My sulking eyes revisited my cereal. I stared in despair and wondered if it was possible to drown myself in a puddle of milk.

Why was she here? She wasn’t invited. It wasn’t a holiday. Or, anyone’s birthday. Like she would care anyway. There had been no warning siren of her approaching. This was totally unexpected. And, she was not alone.

Oh, God, Gordynne had brought along a piece of her own scary DNA – a baby!


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