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We have a new place on the web. WIX did not work out so my computer person, Jolene, has purchased my own domain and created this cute little website. It is a work in progress, of course, and will be subject to change in its look and possibly even the layout as far as pages. However, we are both working on creating more blog posts and getting more of the backlist of books that haven’t been published yet or were published before and out-of-print. It is so very nice to be an independently published writer. I can publish anything I want now as often as I want until everything is caught up and all I have are new stories to publish.

The flip-side of that is that I have to do everything for myself. In order to get it done you too will have to assemble a team of experts be than family or hired consultants. All you have to do is decide what parts of the process besides writing the stories you are willing to do or learn to do and finding others to do the rest. These are some of the steps that all writers need to do and some will have to do themselves whether they have a publisher or not.

List of How a Book is Published

  • Write the Story.
  • Edit the Story.
  • Rewrite parts that don’t work as well as you would like.
  • Edit the story.
  • Have your Beta Readers Preview Story.
  • Post on your website, Twitter and Facebook Page that your book is going to final editing.
  • Rewrite to include/exclude any suggestions they make.
  • Create a synopsis of the story to place on online stores, the back of your book, your website and any news outlets for publicity.
  • Write up a blog post, Twitter and Facebook post with the synopsis.
  • Create a Book Cover that is eye-catching and reflects the story. (Hire it out unless you like Photoshop).
  • Get Your Reader’s Ready for the New book by Tweeting, Posting on Facebook and Your Website the New Book Cover.
  • Will need the ISBN number prior to upload to an online bookstore and do the copyright – Might want to go ahead and buy your own through Bowker $295/10.
  • Copyright the Book with $65 per title-Will need to upload completed PDF and book covers – They will send you the address for Library of Commerce for the next step.
  • Apply to Library of Commerce Prior to Publishing to Get Their Number – FREE – Once you get the number and buy your author paperback copies you will then send them 2 copies of the book for the Library in Washington DC.
  • Format the Book for Print and eBook Publication (Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble).
  • Create a Promotional Video of your book to post on your YouTube Channel, share on your website, your Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Once the book is approved and available for purchase – make sure you release your paperback first and 30 days later release your eBook version. Don’t forget to create a blog post, Twitter post and Facebook post for it with a link to the buyer’s page.
  • Take a day and celebrate with your friends and family because now the really hard work begins!

Authors Featured Book this Week

The featured picture for this blog is of me at the Suwannee River Bridge. It has been closed to the public with graffiti from local youth over the years. It is the main feature on my book cover for the book Yearning For The Unattainable (YFTU). To Purchase a copy of my book please CLICK HERE. If you would like to contact me use the CONTACT form page.

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New Place on the Web

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