Ten Great Tips For Writers
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Ten Great Tips For Writers

My Ten Great Tips For Writers post. I gave a talk to a bunch of fifth graders several years ago and type up some notes for writers of any age. So every aspiring author from 5 to 95 give it a read and don’t be afraid to share, comment, like, etc.

Tip #1 – READ! READ! READ! You have to be a reader in order to be a writer!

Tip #2 – WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! I try to write every day, some authors set a limit on how many words they must write. (practice, practice, practice) Use a journal – Share some.

Tip #3 – Read the BEST BOOKS: award winners in your favorite genres and any others you may want to write stories

Tip #4 – Accept HELP (constructive criticism) Revising! Critique groups – Your path to perfection!

Tip #5 – Books should be interesting and entertaining. From the very first sentence, you should want to read on and on and on. Remember that! Hook ‘em! Don’t waste a word!!! The words you use are very important. (dictionary and thesaurus = tools) The beginning is an event (usually life-changing for your character)

Tip #6 – Create a real character – lifelike. Get to know your character: What does he/she want (desire/goals). Why? What must be done to get it? What stands in the way? Get into your character’s head. Eventually, he/she will tell you the story.

Tip #7 – The scene is the place where your story takes place. It helps put your reader there with the character. Paint a picture with your scene.

Tip #8 – Show don’t tell. Use your senses: smell, touch, taste, sight, sound
Ex. TELL – Tommy came into the house and put his books on the table.
Ex. SHOW – The door opened with a whoosh and Tommy skidded on the rug as he flung his books on the table. Mathematics for 5th Grade thudded on the floor. Tommy leaped over it and rushed through the house toward the back porch.

Tip #9 – When writing children’s books you don’t need too many characters, or scenes, and very few adults. (In longer books there are 6 major scenes)

Tip #10 – The ending should be a surprise, yet satisfying…happily ever after!

These are just a few tips I have gathered through the years from experience, classes, and learning workshops. I hope you find them useful. Please comment below your own sage advice to our readers. Or if you have any questions use our CONTACT US form and email them to me.

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