Colorful Decorations for Fall
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Colorful Decorations for Fall

For those who are lucky enough to live at the high elevations, you get to enjoy the true colorful decorations for Fall. There is nothing like a little nip in the air, the sun shining bright and the colors of the leaves on the trees turning red, yellow, and orange. It is time to enjoy cooking great meals like stew, pot roast, and baked chicken. The fall veggies are coming in and it’s time to make those squash casseroles, soups, and bread. For a writer, this time of year can sometimes help us be more descriptive in our terms. After all, Mother Nature is putting it all on display for us. We just need to start typing it up.

To get a little discussion going. What would you say is your favorite part of Fall? Or would you rather wax poetic about a different season?

As you know I like to write poetry and have written song lyrics as well. But my friend, Jolene, only really enjoys a good limerick. While cruising the web I came across a poetry website with Autumn Limericks listed. Here is a couple I thought you might enjoy.

Strange Neighbor
This is the tale of Ed Jeeves
Notorious friend of small thieves.
Each autumn he’d rise
With much darkened skies,
To pilfer neighbors’ red leaves.

Early Fall
Nearing the end of our summer days
Warmth and sunshine as sleepily we lazed
With the sun’s warm rays
June’s promising days
Looking to summer’s quiet morning haze

Old Game of Leaves
Crinkling hands, outstretching for last comfort
Rusty speckles, sentience all soaked up
Trunk limbs sapped veins on close up
Scented leaves bow before court
Autumn curtain falls, a seasonal sport

Why don’t you take some time today and make up some of your own? It would be great to read more.

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