Happy Thanksgiving
Family and Friends

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! We hope that you and yours will be having a safe but enjoyable day. Sadly this year we may not all be able to gather in our normal fashion or in our normal place. That does not mean that we cannot all be together, at least for a little while, take advantage of today’s technology and set up a Zoom video conference will ALL of your family. Google Meet can be set up for free if everyone has a Gmail account.

There is always Facebook – Facetime. Now that can only connect two households at a time I think but with a fully charged iPad you can pass around and still get caught up on the family news. Skype and others may have the same limits. Use your imagination and get creative with your family get-together solutions. After all, we have been practicing for like 9 months now.

Needless to say, there will not be a lot of writing going on this week. But as with most writers, it will all be fodder for future stories to tell! Be safe, enjoy your meals and your companions. I found a great poem on that poetry website from last week that fits right in with tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Day Twenty-Twenty
Alas, hordes of ravenous relatives from very far and even near,

Won’t be celebratin’ at dear old Grandma’s bountiful board this year,

Since the coronavirus pandemic has spread an ominous cloud of doom.

But hold on! Perhaps you can celebrate via the miracle of Zoom!

You can enjoy from afar your green bean casserole and pumpkin pie,

Not havin’ to tolerate obnoxious Uncle Clyde sloppin’ gravy on his tie!

Clickin’ a button will mute Grandpa’s interminable prayer of grace,

And spinster Aunt Alice’s spewin’ inane babble at a furious pace!

The mute button will silence any brawls about politics and religion,

And silence cousin Cletus crowin’ about his thrivin’ stocks a smidgen!

It won’t be the same savorin’ pleasant aromas from Grandma’s kitchen,

But won’t the mute come in handy to silence all the bickerin’ and bit….. in’!

(The censors at Soup scrubbed the last word in the last line but I think you get the point!!!)
Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2020

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