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Strictly For Fun

Strictly for fun, I like to post my very short stories, poems, and kids’ books I have started but haven’t published for one reason or another. As, authors, we should always keep everything we write, good or bad, complete or just pieces of ideas. You just never know what can be developed from the things you have written down. Besides it reflects who you were at that particular time in your life.

I have been taking time off this year to be with my family and recharge my literay batteries. Hopefully, I will get back to finishing my latest novel soon. In the meantime, I have republished two middle school books. Those are historical fiction, of course, and I even have a couple of younger children books that I need illustrations to be created before we lay them out for publication. Until then keep up with your own writing, we something new every week and take care of yourself.

Enjoy my short poetical story

The Princess with the Runny Nose
By L.L. Eadie

In the Kingdom of Kalamazoo,
Believe me,
I do not lie.
It is true.
There was a pretty princess,
Who had a runny nose.
No matter what she tried,
It still dripped like a hose.

The King shook his head.
The Queen nodded and said,
“Here, child, wipe it clear,
with my lace hankie.”
“But, Queen Mother, dear,
It’s much, much,
much too swanky.”

The King shook his head.
The Queen nodded and said,
And sooo…
The princess blew
and blew
and blew.
She sniffed,
wrinkled her nose
and sneezed

The King shook his head.
The Queen nodded and said,
“Call the jester he’ll know what to do.”
But the juggling jester didn’t have a clue.
He said, “Stand on your head!”
And soooo,..
And with that said,
The princess did tread
on her head.
Until her tiny face,
turned blood red.

The King shook his head.
The Queen nodded and said,
“Nurse-maid, Sue!
Come see what you can do.”
“All you need is a dab of glue.”
Said Sue.
“This will fix her up like brand-new.”
But the pretty princess sniffed it right through.

The King shook his head.
The Queen nodded and said,
“Call the Kingdom’s doctor quick,
He’ll know the magic trick.”
“To bed.”
He said, “Now cover her up,
Like a new born pup.”
Feeling her forehead,
The doc said,
“Next, snatch a chicken from the coop,
“And make her some chicken soup.”

The King nodded this time instead.
The Queen agreed and fed,
The princess in bed…
the soup.
She slurped scoop,
After scoop,
After scoop.
Till her tiny stuffed-up nose.
Did disclose…
The sweet smell,
Of a royal garden rose.

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