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Dont Kiss and Tell

If you haven’t heard yet I have just released my latest high-school-age fiction story at the first of this month called, “Dont Kiss and Tell“. Most every one of us had some awkward high school times at one time or another. That feeling that we do not belong, may never have any friends, or even a special love. This is a southern rendition of high school with all the pathos and drama that a teenage girl can emote.

Fifteen-year-old, Coral is given a diary/journal by her mom to begin recording her thoughts and experiences. Little does she know that her world is going to be turned upside down from middle school to high school this coming year. Some of her experiences we all will be able to sympathize with. She even records all those little sayings that our parents dish out trying to bestow wisdom on us children. Her best friend seems to have it already figured out and Carol is being left behind.

Lurking in the background is an especially evil kind of individual who seeks to destroy some young girl’s idealized version of getting through the high school experience. Most just want to fit in somewhere, have friends, get good grades, and not feel like a dork most of the time. This silky-smooth operator is all sympathy for these young girls’ experiences while he skulks in the background and slowly pulls them into his web.

Grab your copy for your summer reading! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for this book or any of the others we have published so far please use the CONTACT us form

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