Inspiration Comes In All Forms
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Inspiration Comes In All Forms

Inspiration Comes In All Forms these days including what we do every day that is so different from January and February. The way people are acting, the senseless destruction as well as the hopeful helping hands people are trying to lend to those in need. There is so much inspiration out there for stories, poems, songs, and even movies. I see it on YouTube every single day. People are trying to adapt to rapidly changing situations each day.

Exercising Your Brain

We all know that we have to keep exercising even when we are told to shelter in place. Writers also need to exercise both physically to keep from getting stuck in one position but our minds as well. There are so many different ways to keep your mind busy and away from frustrating and futile exercises liking watching the news on TV on the internet. I came across this article online that has some helpful Creative Writing exercises you might want to try: just to see how it goes. As for me I like to look at photographs and create stories about what I see.

Your Assignment Today

Here is something pretty to look at. What story does it inspire you to write? What kind of poetry can you create sitting on this beach? Create Flash Fiction set on a Gulf coast beach.
Inspiration Comes In All Forms

Our Quotes Poster for Today

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. – Mason Cooley – SOMEBODY NEEDS TO FILL OUT HIS WIKI PAGE!

One of My Book Promos

My design team is experimenting with making GIFS so I can post them on my Twitter Feed as an alternative for the links to my YouTube Videos on my Channel. It is a work in progress and here is our first attempt below. It should start by itself and continue in a loop. If not just click to open it in another window.

Inspiration Comes In All Forms

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