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Jenniferology Available in New Places

Hey, Jenniferology is Available in New Places and some great major vendors as well as library warehouses. That’s right my latest book is finally being published to a new vendor, Smashwords, that will be sending out the story in eBook formats to more channels like Barnes and Noble, Overdrive, iBooks, and a couple of others over the next week. We are even considering using their service to convert the eBook over to audio format.


This young adult fiction story is set in a small beach town in Florida. Where the old folks go to die. Or so thinks Jennifer. She is being shipped off to a grandmother she hasn’t seen in years. Just because she is acting up in school. Or because she is not happy with her mom dating losers since the divorce from her father. He is living with a woman not much older than Jennifer herself. The fun ensues as the no-nonsense grandmother takes her under her wing and introduces her to the thrills of being a “queen-ager” – those are retired women who act liked teens. Who wouldn’t have a good time among all those partying oldsters – 😉

Hopefully, this story will show up on Walmart as well. You can always request it using their Contact form.

You can order the ebook from Smashwords in 7 different formats including the Kindle version and even PDF by clicking on the Icon below

Of course, a nice review posting on Amazon, Goodreads or wherever you do buy your books would be greatly appreciated. Any questions, comments, etc, please me using my CONTACT Form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Till next time! Keep reading and writing reviews for your favorite writers. They help spread the word on your favorite stories. As well as put a few pennies in the author’s pocket.

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