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Video Marketing Your Books

Video marketing your books seems to be a real trend these days. For self-published authors that may be to our advantage with all the different tools available to you these days for creating your own marketing videos. Now I pay someone to create these little videos for me. She has agreed to write up a short suggestion list for my readers and fellow writers who would like to give it a try themselves. Thank you Jolene Web Designs and More!

Our Initial Publishing Campaign

My favorite software to make short, professional-looking videos is using Powerpoint, Paint, and an online 3D eBook cover service that can turn your flat eBook covers into 3D models in paperback, hardback, EReader, smartphone, or PC screens. Paint is a free photograph manipulation software that is included with every single Windows machine since the beginning of Microsoft. You start with a background picture, add some words and you are done. It allows you to change the size and file type of the cover as well. You can upload that to Amazon as your cover or the website to create 3D covers for your posts and videos.

Keeping Interest Through the Year

Microsoft Powerpoint has been around for ages. You can get access to a free version when you sign up for a Gmail account. You access it through Google Docs. The latest version allows you to create book covers. Just by using a single slide with pictures and words. You can then save it as a JPEG picture file. You can even create movies using several different slides, animations, and transitions. Once completed you can record the slideshow through the software and download it as a movie. There is also a couple of movie-making software still available for free that will allow you to add short videos you recorded using your smartphones along with still pictures and flying words. Video Marketing Your Books will help you sell more books in the long run.

Our Christmas Campaign

Throughout this article, we have interspersed examples of the short videos we created for the book, “Don’t Kiss and Tell”. You can visit Ms. Eadie’s YouTube Channel for more great examples of the videos we have created for each of her books over the last 12 months. We hope you will take a few minutes to Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to her channel and other social media pages.

Our New Year’s Campaign

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