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Miss Writers Conferences

I really miss going to writers conferences. It was one of the best things about being a published writer (well for most of us anyway). I have a doll totem that holds my collection of participating name badge lanyards to prove it. Of course, being told not to go anywhere or be with any of my fellow writers has really got us all wanting to get out there and be with our fellow authors.

You Are a Writer If

Hopefully, as we slowly get back to some semblance of normalcy there will be scheduled events we can all attend. One of the biggest drawbacks I think for newer writers is that they cannot afford the fees and travel expenses involved. Being as we are not really able to go very far right now that doesn’t mean that the major writer’s associations cannot ban together and come up with smaller less expensive alternatives.

Miss Writers Conferences

Being close to larger cities in the North Florida area there are lots of different venues available to choose from. It’s not like we all couldn’t use a little celebration and support right now. I would even sit in on some “How To” sessions again. You know the ones; “How to Write Effective Dialogue’, “How to Write Exciting Fight Scenes”, and even our all-time favorites, “How to Market Your Books”.

Some Pictures From Past Conferences

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Heck, I attended one writer’s retreat where we wrote Rap songs for practice one afternoon. We had a blast and I learned something new in the process. So keep an eye out on your writer’s group’s social media pages for upcoming events. If they are not sponsoring any in the fall doesn’t mean you and about 10 or so of your friends cannot rent a cabin in the woods and hold your own. I like staying at a luxury hotel myself.

UGG, the Florida Writers Association is going to a Remote Conference Schedule in 2020? Darn Corona!

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