Never Too Late
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Never Too Late

You know it never is too late to learn a new skill, start a new romance, or even begin a new chapter in your life. When viewing the recent space launch with my granddaughter it inspired me to try new things. I mean if those old NASA people can keep trying new things including working with a private company to send men out into space again, why couldn’t we?

I posted to my personal Facebook page that day but forgot to post here on the blog:

Lucy Kate & I tried our best to witness the Space X launch from our beach boardwalk.

The usual perfect spot.

The sky was clear and there was a wonderful sea breeze.

No way would they scrub today’s launch.

We were ready!

Popcorn & Kool-aid for Lucy Kate & something nearly similar for me. 😉

Dogs were welcome too – on leashes, of course.

Our bottoms were padded with cushions & binoculars hung around our necks – Lucy Kate’s kiddie pink butterfly ones.

I counted down with my iPhone to the blast-off. Lucy Kate fed popcorn to the dogs.

Peoples’ chairs on the beach faced south. So did we.

The time had arrived!

Where was the Space X?

Had the launch been scrubbed again?

People began to pack up on the beach.

Lucy Kate fed more popcorn to the dogs.

I turned around and looked – there over my shoulder was the Space X Rocket!

It climbed!

And, climbed!

Passed the sun! It seemed.

Lucy Kate stopped feeding popcorn to the dogs and watched too.

We watched for at least ten minutes.

It took us away, too.

Never Too Late

Now doesn’t this just inspire you to get out there and try something new, write a great story, or even just learn something new?!?!?!

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