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My Mistaken Identity on Barnes and Noble

It is very exciting my books are slowly migrating to new selling sites. Now the eBook version of My Mistaken Identity is on Barnes and Noble. With each version we have moved over to Smashwords they will eventually get migrated to other selling sites as well as being posted on sellers that have contracts with our local libraries. It never hurts to have your friends, family, and readers ask the local libraries to purchase copies of the books you have published. eBook versions are much easier to get into your local libraries these days. You can always donate a paperback copy to each of your libraries in your area. It seems like all self-published writers need to always wear more than one hat. Not only do you have to be the writer, editor, and book designer you also have to discover new and effective avenues that are willing to sell your books in whatever format you have available.

Your books can also be distributed to an enhanced network for free if you publish an eBook with Smashwords. Their format is different from Amazon requirements but they do allow you to link your paperback version link on their site and they will send that information along with your new version of your eBook to each of their contractors including iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and more. They no longer submit the copies to Amazon anymore so there will be no conflict of interests or formatting between the version. And remember you have to have a new ISBN version for each version of your book and each publisher you use.

Till next time. Keep on writing.

January 30, 2021
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