Monday Musings
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Monday Musings

It is Monday and I thought I would post some of my musings about writing today. There are so many things we can write about after a weekend of activity. Or in our case these days inactivity. I thought I would start off the week with ten writing tips. Writing is such a personal pursuit and the journey is different for each writer but there are some truths for everyone. I hope you find these helpful and comment, share, like on your social media pages. Of course, it would be really great to subscribe to my blog as there will be lots more writing tips, poetry, musings and updates on my stories.

Linda’s Writing Tips

  • The more you know about your character off the page – the more your reader will know on the page.
  • Activate verbs: “Henry blew the whistle.” NOT “The whistle was blown by Henry.”
  • Write with nouns and verbs: Replace dull words with sharp precise ones that conjure up pictures for the reader.
  • Showing: means writing with all five senses into your story – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
  • Cut the clichés: replace with fresh phrases that will paint original pictures in your reader’s mind.
  • Plot: What is this story about? Is anything happening? Why should I keep reading? Why should I care?
  • What does your main character want? And, what does he/she fear?
  • Don’t bore the reader: Not even in one sentence or word.
  • Don’t confuse the reader: Don’t misuse point of view.
  • Don’t get caught writing: Don’t tell things that only the author would know.
  • Write with passion: Be excited about what you’re doing. Feel it in your gut…that what you are doing is absolutely great!

I believe you are. Good luck! — Write on!


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