Paying for Professional Reviews
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Paying for Professional Reviews

One of the main expenses for any self-publishing author is marketing. Some writers do not mind paying for professional reviews. Companies such as Kirkus provide a professional, comprehensive review that you can publish on your website, social media pages and even include in a synopsis on retailers’ websites and even post quotes on a promotional video. One of those companies is called Kirkus Review.

Our indie reviews are written by qualified professionals, such as librarians, nationally published journalists, creative executives, and more. While we do not guarantee positive reviews, unfavorable reviews can be taken as valuable feedback for improvements and ultimately do not have to be published on our site. With our most popular review option priced at $425, you can receive an affordable book review that could generously boost your writing career.

Paying for Professional Reviews

Book Review for Don’t Kiss and Tell

A 14-year-old girl’s predatory teacher takes advantage of her crush on him in this YA novel.

Navigating your freshman year can be difficult, but at least auburn-haired Coral Wilene Anderson can ride the bus to Charles Creek High School with her best friend, Delainey Cleveland. Cheerleader Delainey has a new circle of A-list friends; she tries to include Coral, but it’s not a good fit. Team captain/queen bee Brancy Weaver and her moneyed clique wear sexy designer outfits, drink, steal, and make out in public, all unthinkable in Coral’s straight-laced family. A bright spot is Mr. Satchel Patterson, the algebra teacher; Coral has a ginormous crush on him and is thrilled when her parents hire him to tutor her in math. After a diary-related disaster, Coral gets an undeserved reputation as a snitch, blowing up her social life. When she bursts into tears during tutoring, Mr. Patterson is kind and supportive; he listens, supplies a handkerchief, gives her a hug—and kisses her. He begs her not to tell and she agrees, since she’s no snitch, and besides, the kiss is heavenly. The immoral Mr. Patterson continues his disturbing, predatory grooming, leading to serious consequences. Eadie, who has written several books, gives Coral a vividly slangy, hyperbolic teenage voice, especially in her diary’s catchphrases, such as “Paging God. Urgent knee-mail.” Coral’s emotions are all on the surface, but her narration also reveals subtle undercurrents: her parents’ overly strict, infantilizing rules; Mr. Patterson’s sly, careful manipulation of her naïveté and vulnerability; and the victim-blaming that Coral faces in the aftermath of revelations, even from her family: “My father didn’t look at me too much anymore or talk to me. He said he was ashamed.”

An entertaining, distinctive voice addresses a serious and timely subject with intelligence and insight.

This can be posted on all the websites where the book is sold so long as I preface it by saying it came from Kirkus. Which I do anyway. This review is listed on their website and will stay online for a long time. Sharing it with my social media accounts and then keeping an eye on my sales figures is the only true way to know if this price is really worth it.

Additionally, Kirkus has a magazine that is published bi-monthly. You can purchase ad space inside the magazine that goes out to subscribers and is posted in digital format on their website. The ads are costly. I have purchased 3/4 page ads and they are scheduled for each of my teenage fiction books over the coming weeks.

  • Yearning for the Unattainable will be in the September 1st issue
  • Don’t Kiss & Tell will be in the September 15th issue
  • Jenniferology in the October 1st issue

Stay Tuned! In October we hope to have the results of our efforts posted in one of our weekly blog posts.

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