Marketing Tools for Apple Books
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Marketing Tools for Apple Books

Marketing Tools for Apple Books

As I was gathering links to post on my new audiobook, Jenniferology, Findaway Voices has a tab to get direct links from the retailers. Sadly, those links are not working right now for some reason. However, they have provided alternative links on the actual distributors’ websites for us self-published writers to use. One of the really good ones is from the Apple Bookstore. It is called “Marketing Tools for Apple Books”. These tools can be used for every single thing that Apple sells inside the online store – eBooks, audiobooks, music, and movies too.

All you have to do is put the title of the item you are looking for into the search bar right at the top. The website will present a listing in the various categories for you. Once you have located the item in question click on it and check out the various tools they offer. Besides the regular embed code, links inside the logos they also have a “Q” box that you can create to add to your website. I am not sure how that works but we will do some experimenting and let you know later. In the meantime, my webmistress has created a video for you to watch that goes through the simple steps. Enjoy and experiment!

Below are the samples from the video

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