Suwannee River in Many Counties
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Suwannee River in Many Counties

The Suwannee River is in many counties throughout Florida but starts at the Georgia-Florida border. My story, Yearning for the Unattainable, was set in a small rural town of Georgia. When researching items I wanted to use as a cover for the book I wanted to use the Suwannee Springs Bridge which is an icon in our area. Known as the “Bridge to Nowhere” it has a kind of rights of passage feel to it in that there are countless generations who either used the bridge to cross the Suwannee, dove from the bridge to swim the Suwannee or spray painted the bridge.

Below are some of the pictures I took one winter’s day with the bridge as the focus but also of the Suwannee River itself.

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Suwannee Springs Bridge, or what many visitors now call “The Bridge To Nowhere,” is tucked away in a wooded area off of a quiet street in Live Oak, Florida, and you’re not going to want to forget your camera for this trippy road tripper’s dream.*

Owned by the state, the bridge was completed in 1931 by Austin Brothers Bridge Co., serving as the main roadway for many years. The bridge was later abandoned for an updated bridge bypass in 1971, closing forever to vehicular traffic.*

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