Times Like These
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Times Like These

It is times like these that put me in mind of the life-changing events in the 60s and those who were instrumental in that change. No matter what the opinion is of your friends, family, and neighbors of today’s events in the end it will all depend on you and what you do in the future.

As with most writer’s in these trying and tragic times the push me to my laptop to create some fictional story of one kind or another. We like to turn current events around and try to find something good in them or manipulate our fictional world so that the good guys will eventually win. We all hope all of our fellow writers out there are trying to turn tragedy into triumph if only in their stories.

Another helpful tool that we have all used to some extent is writing it all down. Write about your feelings, write about the events happening in your area, or even write about what you think will help in these turbulent times. If nothing else it will release all those pent up thoughts and emotions churning away inside your brain and flush them out onto the page. Physically writing it out on paper is just as good as typing on the computer. I do not recommend you sharing all of these thoughts on social media though. There is quite enough of that going around already. No one can use anything you type or write in your journals or diaries unless you make them public.

Personally, I like the baking approach to life. Most of our grandmothers have that same opinion. If all else fails find some of your favorite chocolate recipes, pull out the ingredients, and start baking. It doesn’t matter what; brownies, cookies, or cakes. Of course, ordering delivery is okay too. But there is almost no problem out there that chocolate and your favorite beverage could not solve it given half a chance.

Homemade Chocolate Cupcake with chocolate frosting against a background

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