Add Blog Touring to Your Marketing Basket
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Add Blog Touring to Your Marketing Basket

Add Blog Touring to Your Marketing Basket is a great way to help you market your books. Participating in other authors’ websites through posts and/or interviews. Some have even started PODCASTs too. Doing a “Live” broadcast on someone’s social media page, Zoom or even YouTube can be a little trying but so worth it in terms of gaining new followers and readers. One of my first interviews and video promos was done by the North Florida Writers Tour.

The Coordinator, Jolene MacFadden, started the tour just before the Pandemic hit and everyone was confined to our homes. She has 30 North Florida authors who have taken advantage of the FREE service. She offers any published North Florida author the chance to pick out 5 different interview questions from a list of 50. You then fill out the basic information on the application. And then video yourselves answering just one question. You just upload the entire package to her secure online storage server on She creates the article, dresses up the video, uploads it to her YouTube Channel, and puts a link inside the post. Once completed she shares the posts on all of her social media pages. Finally, she will send the author a link to the article and the YouTube video so that they will share it on theirs.

A lot has changed since the above video was done but all for the better. I have refreshed and republished almost all of my backlist as well as published several new books with another one being published next month. If you know of other websites out there that offer writers a chance to participate in their blog posts, podcasts, or even their vlog why don’t you post them in the comments below?

Some of my new Books

Napoleon and Cleopatra are both middle school age fictional history stories with lots of real history thrown in to help teachers and homeschooling parents with these great leaders in history.

Both of these books are available in eBook, paperback, and hardback copies!

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