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What Are You Working on in May

What are you working on in May? Between taking care of grandkids, not in school, re-writing old stories for publication, and continuing to write on my new adult series that is about all I can handle this month. The internet is crazy and not working well so our weekly writer’s meeting on Zoom is canceled for this week. Sad that we cannot meet and discuss writing but glad that I can use that time not being frustrated with the dang internet coming and going. So my blog post is also going to be short. Below is a poem I wrote some years ago. Enjoy!

One of my Poems

The Chocolate Smocked Dress

A chocolate smocked dress
to the waist.
And a waist to knee length hem –
Scratchy white petticoat
that chafes my skin.
I want to scream,
I cry instead.

But my salty distress,
doesn’t move that dress,
above my head.
Where a pink plastic barrette
bites my scalp
and pulls my hair.

My twelve year old reflection
just stands and stares
Focusing on
its newest body part.
That mocks me red
through the stretched white threads

Just as Suzie, Mary Beth, and Brenda
in their plaid pleated skirts
Will turn their pretty heads
with snide whispers,
that I dread.

I remove my coat
to reveal my embarrassing:
Chocolate smocked dress
with a scratchy white petticoat
that chafes my skin.

It’s cold today.
So, my precious wool coat,
I will remain in.



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