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Happy Weekend – GONE FISHING

I think I’m going to put a sign out – Gone Fishing

We all wish we could get out there and do our regular weekend thing. Whether that is shopping, traveling, camping, and even fishing. I am trying to buckle down and get my first adult novel finished but it is taking all of my extra time. Between the kids, grandkids and mom I don’t have a lot of that anyway. Patience, Persistence and whatever else the last “p” thing was, I cannot think of it right now. Oh well, I will just keep chugging along until it gets done. In the meantime, I thought I might throw out one of my poems for you to have fun with.

He put out his line,
Let it drift into the deep.
The hotspot of bites.
Chummed the waters,
With his sweets.
They were unable to resist.
And he knew…
His rod wouldn’t fail him.
No restrictions to limits or size.
All would do nicely.
As he played with their egos,
Until they tired…
He chucked them aside.
The lady fish gasped and squirmed,
Cried buckets of tears.
But still the fisherman idled for more.
There were those who escaped,
Who saw what was happening.
But most who found love,
In his sweet rod,
Suffered the most.


For those who do have a little extra time this Sunday why not take a few minutes and visit some of my social media pages? The links are up at the top of the page. You might even want to check out my Amazon profile page and purchase a book or two to read. Got an idea for a fun and informative writer’s video? Why not get in touch and share using my CONTACT US form. In the mean time be safe out there and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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