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Some of you might not know this story about Pedro Menendez. But hew was a great sailing captain as well as the very first “official” governor to Florida. The Spanish king made him so when he sent him over to kick out the french and make alliances with the local natives. One of my most favorite places to visit is St. Augustine, Florida. It has a long and varied history, lots of cool old buildings still in use, and a touristy vibe that is fun too. When needing pictures for the promo of the Pedro Book I re-published recently, my husband and I went down to do the tourist thing and got some great pictures to share. You just gotta go to the Fountain of Youth park and check out their exhibits!

The story is fictional with some factual information thrown in to keep it within the timeframe it is set in. But what is more fun than becoming a character in history, to participate in momentous events, and possibly even meeting your heroes? If ever given the opportunity I think all of us have a person, place, or time period we would like to experience. What if’s are a writer’s bread and butter. If you would like to contact me about my writings, children’s books or even creating illustrations, which I totally did for this book as well, please use my CONTACT form.

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