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The Hardback Books are Gorgeous

The Hardback Books are Gorgeous. Several weeks ago I ordered one copy of each of my books in the new Amazon Hardback edition. I decided on the glossy finish as opposed to the matte. They turned out really nice. The Life of Rileigh was published in 7″x10″ but all the others with a minimum of 100 pages were published in size 6″ x 9″. It is so nice to hold a hardback edition of my books. They feel so much more professional somehow. You know, just bit more permanent than paperbacks. A nice gift to give for birthdays and the other major holidays (hint, hint).

Life of Rileigh in Hardback

Don’t Kiss and Tell in Hardback

Tales of Cleopatra in Hardback

Jenniferology in Hardback

Alligator Warrior in Hardback

My Mistaken Identity – Hardback

Pedro Menendez in Hardback

Napoleon in Hardback

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